Our Kennel
                                         Since we live in the beautiful Bayou State of Louisiana...
                                       The music you are hearing on some of our pages is...
                                   " Blue Bayou"

                           We, here at Eldorado  have had  a love affair with
                            chows since 1978 when my Daughter wanted a
                               dog, We went to the Dog Show in Sacramento, Ca.
                         and saw our first Chows,and it was love at
                                first sight. Growing up in Germany
                           I had seen chows from time to time,
                           but nothing had prepared us for the chows
                            we saw over here in the USA., and I
                            knew that we just  found the right breed
                             for us, fortunately we had the good sense
                              to buy from a reputable Breeder and bought
                             a very nice dog, " Yogi" my first male.

                            We were lucky to have him with us
                             for 14 Years, and it was he who taught me
                            how to show and to get completely hooked
                            on Dog Shows , and we do  still miss him.
                            Here at" ELDORADO " we keep a  small
                            Kennel with all the comforts for the Dogs,
                            they are all our pets first  and Show Dogs
                             on weekends.
                                  Please feel free to call  us for any
                            Information  you need, we are always happy
                             to help People with  our
                              lovely breed-The Chow Chow-



                                                          Our Kennel and surrounding area.




                          This  custom made ramp was given to me for Mothers day
                     by Michael, my son in law.
                     He designed and constructed it from scratch.
                  It is ideal and folds up and lays on the table
                              which is able to be  wheeled about the kennel building.

                                    Kennel monitor so Mom can watch us from the house.




                 Mom finds the neatest stuff for our kennel !


                                    Wall of champions.




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